Introducing: HEARLab™ - Cortical Evoked Potential Analyzer

This exciting new clinical product, designed by NAL (National Acoustic Laboratory) in Australia makes it easy for hearing health care professionals to estimate which sounds are easily detectable by the patient who is unable or unwilling to verify this analysis. This could include infants and small children who have not yet developed language skills, and adults who are disabled or uncooperative.

Hearlab is now approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for sale in Australia

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Hearlab System

HEARLab™ is the registered trademark of HearWorks Pty Ltd.
HEARLab™ has been licensed by HearWorks Pty Ltd to Frye Electronics.

Frye Electronics


HEARLab™– an audiological test suite

HEARLab™ is a product concept developed by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre and NAL. The aim was to develop a versatile device that can be configured and controlled by a standard PC to fully control stimulus levels, signal pathways and response conditioning.

With this approach, new hearing tests can be implemented entirely by new software modules. This will greatly reduce the time between when a research has been completed and when it can be applied in a clinical setting.

NAL-ACA will be the first test to be made available to clinicians in the HEARLab™ test suite. Other assessment tools developed by NAL are planned. There have also been other researchers who have expressed interest in bringing their research results to clinics via HEARLab™.